Our Service


We are your solution for delivery to your customers. The time and expense required to hire and maintain a solid delivery process can tie up company resources ultimately affecting cash flow.



Expense Reduction or Total Elimination


  • Use of untrained temporary workforce or newly hired employees


  • Attendance Issues


  • Employees that don't take ownership or responsibility for their actions


  • Safety issues, damages, accidents and liability risks


  • Payroll costs and taxes Benefits - Vacations, health insurance, life insurance, 401K's, IRA's, etc.


  • New hire expenses - background & drug screening, DMV checks, training & certifications


  • Vehicle expense, insurance, maintenance & fuel costs


  • Liability & workers compensation insurances


These are some of the expenses and personnel issues that can be alleviated by using our service.


While your focus is on your business, our focus is to streamline your efforts while maintaining an optimal staffing level. We are responsive to the down turns that will sometimes occur and are quick to reduce staff as you see fit.


For instance, is your vacation staffing always an issue? Whether your needs are for a day or for a week, we can accomodate you!


Our expertise comes from years in the B2B delivery process. Understanding customer expectations is paramount which is just one more reason to rely on us. We will offer you an initial consultation to get you up and going.


Put us in your driver's seat!